TrekkMe Ohrid
Hi..we are Maja and Dushica! Licensed tour guides from Ohrid, nature and life lovers. We are passionate trekkers and we founded ”TrekkMe” as a logical result of our passion on one side, and hard work and our commitment these few months on the other side. In fact, our idea was to introduce something new, innovative and interesting, which didn’t exist on our market for tourist services. So, ’’trekking’’ is an alternative form of tourism, as we walk together, explore and enjoy our beautiful nature, talk about all the interesting details related to the area where we pass through and eat the most delicious homemade food ever. Regarding to the difficulty of the trails, they are easy and no special physical strength is required. Breaks for photography, coffee, water, “rakija’’etc. are mandatory, and yes, for the other surprises that are waiting for you!:) Nice to meet you’’trekkers’’:)...see you:***