Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase


By buying whichever service provided from the site or by participation in whichever program from the site,You are accepting the Terms of use, including the Terms of purchase.

(А) General

The description of the offers from the Webgliders are given on the site by the administrators of the service or the by the third party involved.

Webgliders does not inspect or guarantee for the administrators of the service or the product, and according to Webgliders, are not responsible for the service’s offer or for any objection toward the quality regarding the description of the service.

The price of the offers can be changed at any time without previous notification from the Webgliders.

The provider of the service is responsible solely for timeliness, efficiency and quality of the services and the products that are sold through the offer.

Webgliders in internally established procedure can verify the Identity of certain purchaser. Also in case it’s estimated that are not present any general reasons, Webgliders can refuse the purchase’s proceeding or to cancel already made purchase, if that is reasonably necessarily, according with the effective laws or with the purpose to answer to the wrong interpretation, fraud or potential law breaking or Terms of use. Refunding of the assets for the cancelled transaction can be made when it’s necessarily and if there is valid, argumentative reason for that to be made.

If a specific offer became unavailable for purchase, Webgliders will cancel the purchase and you will be notified on you e-mail, and certainly the same information will be posted on the website.

Webgliders does not guarantee the price of the offer and does not guarantee that there will be no mistakes in the prices. If appears that some technical, unintentional mistake exist the provider keep his right to not proceed or to cancel the purchase if the price that is given in the offer is mistaken. Change of the price of certain service or product can be made in any time, with previously highlighting of the same in the section for the description of the service or product, with this action the clients will be thoroughly and in time informed about that. After the purchase of certain service or product and finalisation of the purchase is not allowed changing or increasing the price of the concrete service or product.

Certainly as well in this kind of situations in due time and punctually you shall be notified on your e-mail address and the same will be posted on the website.

(B) Provider’s responsibility and service performer ’s responsibility

Reponsibility for the performance of the service as well as the quality of the same is thoroughly on the administrator of the service and he is responsible for the same. In case you are not satisfied by the purchased service you can address through a written correspondence or through an official e-mail address you can send a complain , that will be examined by us and processed.

Responsibility of the provider is in direction to security, availability and promotion of the service or product that is offered on the website and the same is responsible for the changes in case there are present for a specific service or a product.

According to the Law of obligations every eventual damage from whatever kind shall be carried by the provider of the service and he solely is responsible according to the degree of the eventual responsibility for the cause and the origin of the same.

With purchasing, viewing of the mobile version, printing, accepting, using or attempt to use any service or product offered on the website, You are accepting concretely with the terms and conditions of the execution stated in the offer itself and with additional conditions specific for concrete offer that are stated in the offer itself in the time of the buying of the voucher (‘Terms’), further on you are accepting the Terms of use and the Terms of purchase. These regulations are applied for all offers that are on disposal for purchasing on the site, except in case the Conditions of the specific voucher is not stated otherwise, and except the effective law does not state otherwise.

In case there is conflict between these Terms of use and Terms stated in the voucher, preference shall be given on the terms stated in the concrete offer.

The provider is a promoter and offer the services that are advertised and offered on the website, regarding the proceeding and execution of the service respectively the product as well as the manner, term for fulfilment of the obligations corresponds and are composed and offered according to the terms and conditions for the work of the associates, respectively the administrators of the services.

In case there is even a slight problem during the execution of the offered service or products by the associates or administrators You have the opportunity to notify the provider for the current situation that can be sanctioned in case there is a reason for that.

(В) Terms and conditions for all offers (except that is not otherwise stated in the terms for the purchase or in the specific rules that are referring on the concrete offer )

Provider/hosts' voucher can be applied only for the exchange of the services that are offered by the provider.

One voucher can be used only for one order (replacement of or service ) except in the case when the provider has stated otherwise.

Lost or damaged printed offer: Neither Webgliders nor stated performer of the service or the product are responsible for the lost or damaged offers or for the overdue, unjustified or unobjective cancellation or disappearance during the scheduled date and place for the execution of the offer. In case you have evidence for the payment itself as printed offer accepted by the computer system, the same can be used by another person according to the terms and conditions described in the offer itself.

In that case the rule about the provider is applied except with the offer is not estimated otherwise and if the same is not according to the specifics stated in the same.

Use of the offer after the expiration date: After the expiration date that is provided and described in the offer itself, in case by its own fault the same does not make appearance or does not cancel in due time its presence and utilization of the given offer or service the purchaser cannot use the bought service and the same failed, and with the same if not asked for a refunding in the time predicted for that, the request for refund as well will not be available as well as the execution of the same.