Refund Policy

Request a refund / Request for refund

In time, thorough and quality service are our priority. If you are satisfied of the service execution manner, as well as if you are satisfied of our associates we will be satisfied as well. If you purchase certain service that you were not want to return, but if there are objective reasons for the return, then fill in this request for refund and you will be contacted in return as soon as possible. Please take into consideration that in order to answer to your Request its required to contact the company that provide the service that sometimes takes few days in order to respond to your request. If the day for the execution of the requested service has 10 or more days, we will review your request for service refund and we will commit if there is an objective reason for it for your assets to be refunded the same day or the next (latest), by all means according to the legal or physical person that provide the service.