Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Policy on protection of personal information


Established: 15.07.2017

Policy on Protection of personal information

With the Policy on Protection of personal information is regulated the right for privacy and security of the personal informations that are processed.

Please read the Policy on Protection of personal information and occasionally check the same for newer information about our privacy practice.

With joining and using of our website you are agreeing with our terms and conditions that are defined in this Policy on Protection of personal information and the Terms of use of our website. In case you are not agreeing with these conditions, leave this page and do not use our website.



Occasionally we will modify and complement the Policy on protection of personal information in order to include our newest practices, for example when we add new service, function or option on the site. You can see when this Policy on protection of personal information was last time modified according to the date published above in the section ‘Last updated’.


Collecting personal information on this site is according to the regulations for protection of personal information.


The Policy on Protection of personal information is organized the following way:

  1. Types of information that we are collecting
  2. User’s choice for saving and using of the information
  3. How Webgliders use the information
  4. When and how Webgliders reveal the information
  5. How Webgliders collects information
  6. Security of the information
  7. Access and change of your information
  8. Social media
  9. Privacy of third parties 
  10. Policy on Protection of personal information for children
  11. Terminology
  12. Contact for the Policy on Protection of personal information

  1. Types of information that we are collecting

We are collecting 2 types of data information on our website from our users, Personal information and non-personal information when you are interacting with us or our site, for example when:

  • - when you are entering and using our site
  • - when you are registering and create profile on our site
  • - you are reading and answer to our e-mail messages
  • - giving information to be involved and to participate in the programs organized by or on the account of our associates  
  • - leave comments on the site

PERSONAL INFORMATION. Personal information are information which identify specific final user. When you join some activities on the website, for example creating a profile, ordering a product or service from us or from our business collaborators, adding new content and/or publishing content in the discussion forums, sign in for a competition or a game sponsored by us or our business collaborators, fill in an inquiry, publishing an opinion, sending to us or our business collaborators return information, requesting information for our services, submitting an agreement for collaboration, publishing a video or registration for specific offers by third persons through the website (‘Activities for identification’), you can be asked to secure some of yours information for us. It is not obligatory to be included in some activity asking for identification. If you choose to be included in some activity asking for identification, we could ask from you to provide us with certain personal information, for example: name and surname, postal address (including postal code), e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth. If you order product or service, information that you offer would be protected, while they are processed through https security connection through the payment processing system of HalkBank. According to the activity, some of the information are obligatory while some are identified as voluntary. In case some of the obligatory information are not provided for certain activity requesting that, you will not be allowed to participate in that activity.

Tell a friend/ buy for a friend. In case you decided to use our service for recommendation or to buy a deal for a friend, we will ask you to give us the name of your friend and his e-mail address. Automatically will be send a single e-mail to Your friend with the gift you bought for him or an invite to visit our website. When In X saves these information with one purpose – to send this single e-mail, gift that you bought and to follow the success of our program for recommendation. Your friend can contact us by sending an e-mail to  and to ask for these information to be removed from our database.

We use personal information to provide you with a services and products, for administrating of the games and competitions, to improve the working of the website, to improve our marketing and promo efforts, to analyses the usefulness of the website, to improve our offers for products and services, and to adjust our experience with third parties as is envisioned in this Policy on protection of personal information. For example, if you send an e-mail message to our users support, we can use your commend and return information to tell the others for our services, or to post your comment in our marketing materials, or on our website. Your comments can include personal information for example your name, we will ask for your approval to post your name together with your comment, before publishing your comment in public. Besides, if you use our website to send an information or product to other person, we can save your personal information. We, as well can use your personal information to resolve problems, to resolve disputes, to accomplish administrative tasks, to contact with you, to conduct our agreements with you, including our Terms of use and this Policy on protection of personal information, according to the applicable la.

NON-PERSONAL INFORMATION. Non-Personal Information are information that does not identify the final user. This kind of information may include things as the universal resource locator (‘URL’) of the website you visited before you visited our website, the URL of the page you visited after you left our site, the type of browser you are using  and you Internet protocol (‘IP’) address.  We, and/or our authorizes third parties Service Providers or persons that are advertising, can automatically collect these information when you are visiting our website with the use of the electronic tools as ‘Cookies’ and ad beacons or Pixel tags, as is explained under 4 and 8 in this Policy on protection of personal information.

  1. User’s choice for saving and using of the information

Although information are used with good intentions and aim for you to always have the choice whether you want to give your information or to limit the amount of information that you are giving

In case you want to receive promotional messages with notification about new offers. As well you can adjust your e-mail preference following the instruction given in the e-mail messages that we are sending to you.

You can change your preference any time. Please take into consideration that whether you decided to repel your membership for receiving promotional messages, we will send administrative messages  with information for completed purchase or certificate for certain activity that you took via your profile. If you do not want to receive Promotional messages from us, in any time you can choose to not receive promotional messages by clicking "unsubscribe’ button in the bottom of every our e-mail messages and afterwards follow the instructions to complete the un-subscription.

You could choose how Your Browser saves the Cookies with adjusting in the browser itself. Browsers are different, therefore follow the browser’s instructions depending which browser you are using. The same can be adjusted from your smart device in case you use the application with the settings according to the mobile device you use.

As well, you could choose which information you share with us when you are connecting with us on Social media or applications. Please read the Policy on protection of personal information and the adjustments of the social media or applications in order to learn how to adjust the permissions and to change the interaction between us and you profile on the social media or application.

  1. How and for what Webgliders use the information

We (or our associates in our name) use collected information that are explained in our Policy on protection of personal information in order to:


  • - to improve the working of the site , to offer personalized products and services from our associates,
  • - to ease the purchase from our site and the process of purchasing, to answer to all Your requests and questions,
  • - to communicate and to inform you for additional things about the offers and our associates,
  • - to send you reminders, notifications, updates, administrative messages, promotional messages and asked information, including the ones in the name of our associates,
  • - to administrate inquiries, competitions, contests and other promotional activities or events organized by us or our associates,
  • - to conduct our everyday business activities as administration of the site, managing of the forum, analysis, protection from abuse and following of the laws
  • - to give you an opportunity to apply for a job. 
  1. When and how Webgliders reveal the information

We will not share, sell or rent your personal information to other people, except in the cases mentioned bellow:

  • We can share your information with our associates.

For the requirements of the service’s performing process that is required through us to be executed by our associates, in the communication itself we share information only for a particular purpose and that is to implement the process of buying of the offer and realization of the same. Webgliders does not answer about the following treatment and processing of the information by our associates. The responsibility to process, secure the information in other words to archive and use the information is solely on our associates. In the communication process and realization of the offers the processing and use of the information is entirely according to the provisions of the Policy on protection of personal information.

  • We can share your information with authorized third parties – Providers of services. These ‘third parties- providers of services’ perform our functions in our name, as sending and distribution of our administrative and promotional messages. We can share Your information with those kind of providers for fulfilling the orders, delivering package, sending postal or electronic mail, administrating competitions and contests, removing the repeating clients information, information’s analyzing, offering marketing help, securing the results from the search and links, the working of the website, resolving the problems or securing the users service. We, as well, can collect personal information of individuals or companies with whom we have business relations and we can share your information with the Providers of services in order to accomplish our administrative tasks. For example, if you order some service, the information from your credit card are processing via the processing payment system of the HalkBank in order to confirm the payment and in case it is successfully accomplished we can send you information for your address to the distributors of the service so the same can be executed. Also, we can give ours and  associate information to the bank in order to make the payment We encourage all associates and performers of the services through us and our site to offer certain service and product as well as the third parties, Providers of services to adopt and advertise their own Policy on protection of personal information. Still, the use of your personal information by these parties is arranged by these parties in the Policy on protection of personal information and it is not subject that we control.
  • We can share your information during the business transfer. Like every business, we can emerge or be purchased by other company. If that happens, the successor company will obtain the information that we maintain, including the personal information. However, personal information will remain to be subject of this Policy on protection of personal information.
  • We can share your information for our protection and for protection of the others. We keep our right to reveal Your personal information if the law requires that or when we believe that the reveal is necessary in order to protect our rights and/or according to legal proceeding, writ or legal process concerning our website.
  • We can reveal and share the Non-personal information with the associates and the advertisers. For example, we can share aggregated demographic information (personal information are not included) with the ‘Advertisers’ or ’Marketing company’..
  1. How we are collecting the information

You leave your information when you are registering, becoming a member, creating a profile, buy coupons or use or in any way you have interaction with our site. Also we collect information when you are not connected with us online via your e-mail for user’s support and when you leave comments in the online communities about commenting and sharing an opinion. Besides, we collect information in either ways in order to improve the experience and to achieve our marketing goals.

One of the ways to collect information is through the Cookies. In order to ease and to adjust your experience with our website, we save the cookies on your computer. Cookie is a small textual data stored in the user’s computer in order to save the data that contain information about that user. We use the cookies while you use our website in order to save your time and to follow the interests of the target users and to secure specially adapted experience. The Cookies, as well, allow for the non-personal information to be collected from you, like which sites have you visited and which links have you clicked on. Most browsers automatically accept the cookie, but you can change the settings in your browser, to decline the cookies. Noted that if you decided to decline or delete these cookies, some parts of the website may not work properly.

Other devices for monitoring. We could use others standard technologies, such as pixel tags in order to follow your use of our websites or promotions, or we could allow our Business collaborators to use these devices in our name. Pixel tags are small graphic pictures set on some pages of our website, or in our e-mails that allow us to determine whether you performed certain action. When you would access to these sites or if you open an e-mail, pixel tags generate the non-personal information for that action. Data from the smart devices we use when your device has interaction with our site or application even if you are not signed in our site. If you have any questions about the security and the Policy on protection of personal information on your mobile device, please contact your mobile operator for any additional information or instructions or your salesman or manufacturer in order to learn how to customize these activities.

  1. Security of the information

We take safety seriously and we undertake numerous preventive measures in order to protect the safety of the personal information. HTTPS security protocol is used for the data processing and transfer of the information to our servers. You could access your personal information on our website by entering your user name and password. This password is encoded. We recommend you to not share your password with anyone. Your personal information are saved on secure server, and being able to be accessed only by us. We encode certain sensitive information by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, in order to secure the safety of your personal information as they are transferred toward us.

Information for payment:  The information that you enter at the time of the payment or purchase, from your credit card are not saved or transferred via our servers. The transactions are processed through the payment processing system of the bank that we collaborate with, Halk Bank certified for VISA and MasterCard for processing of the transactions. During your payment process and entering your information, the same are processed via HTTPS security protocol of the bank using the Secure Socket Layer (SSl) technology and with that your credit card information are not visible to us, the only visible information to us is your name and surname from the credit card, the last 4 numbers from the card and the amount of the performed transaction, while the other numbers are encrypted.

Payment via mobile application: When you make purchase via your mobile application you have option by your choice whether you want to save your information from your credit card, in order to make your purchase easier and to make purchase by clicking only one button. These information are only saved on your mobile device and only in encrypted form. If your phone is lost or stolen the saved information would not be visible to the third party, the only damage that could be made to you is if anyone decided to purchase something via the mobile application on your phone with Your saved information. The process for this kind of mobile payment allow you to make your purchase easier with only one click, and the same is certified by the company for ethical hacking and security of the informatics systems.

  1. Access and change of Your information

You could access, change and delete your information that you have left on your profile with simple entering in your profile and with the access to the section ‘My Profile. The only thing that you could not change on your own is your e-mail address in the profile, therefore of you want to change please send us an e-mail to with the address that you want to change and the new one.

We encourage you immediately to update your personal information if you change them. In case you want to delete your profile you could send a request to but that does not guarantee that all previously saved information would be deleted, because we keep information for past activities, we could not delete the information connected with previous purchase on the website because of the analysis of the sales and monthly and yearly report. Besides that, would not be possible to delete your information completely, because we periodically make a reserve copy of the database.

If you choose to save the information of your credit card on your mobile application, the same would be saved on your mobile device and we would not be able to have any access to them. The information on your mobile information named ‘Credit card info’ could be changed or deleted at any time. The same would be saved in encrypted form on your mobile device and in case you lost or the same device is stolen the information would not be visible to the third party. The process for this kind of purchase allow you easier purchase with only one click, and the same is certified and checked by the company for ethical hacking and security of the informatics systems.

  1. Social media

Social public domain. The site could be approached and to contain sections where you could publicly share information, to communicate with other people, like the forums for discussion or blogs. These information could be available to the other users and companies and could appear on other websites or web search, and therefore these information can be read, collected and used by other people. For example, if you publish your e-mail address with your opinion about some restaurant as a comment, you could receive disapproving messages as an abuse of your e-mail address by third parties. We do not have control over that who reads your post or about what other users could do with your information that you have offered voluntary, that’s why we ask you to be careful when posting any personal information.  We have permission from our users to post their name or user name, along with their critique or comment.

Connecting through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)

When In X gives an opportunity to the users of the social media to interact with their friends and to share information on their profiles on the social media. If you are logged on When In X or the social media, when you click on ‘Connect with’ (Connect with Facebook) we shall connect Your profiles, if the e-mail are corresponding. If the e-mail do not match, you would have possibility to connect them manually via the option Connections in ‘My Profile on your profile. If you are already logged on our site, but not on any social media, when you click on the option for connecting through the social media you would be asked to enter your information on the concrete social media.

On the contrary, if you are not registered in the moment as When In X user and want to sign in with your social media, firstly you will be asked to enter your information in order to sign in from your social media, afterwards your profile on When In X will be created with your information from your profile on the social media. Please set up which information you want to share from your profile in the settings of the social media where is registered your profile. If your profile is connected with Facebook, you will be able automatically to post recent activities on Facebook, for example while purchasing certain coupon you have option to share your purchase on your Faceboook profile with your friends. In case you choose not to uncheck this option, the purchase will be automatically shared on your Facebook timeline.

  1. Privacy of third parties

This Policy on protection of personal information is referring on the usage and discovering of the information that we collect from you on our site. Other websites that can be approached via the links from our website could have their own policies on protection of personal information, collecting information, their use and practice for revealing the information. In case via link from our website you access other website we invite you to see the Policy on protection of personal information on the current website. We are not responsible for the policy or practice of the third parties.

  1. Policy on Protection of personal information for children

Webgliders does not allow minor (children below 18 years) to use the site and that use is forbidden. The site is design with the intent to service only adults. Using When In X you declare that you are adult with 18 years of age or more and hat you understand that you must be adult in order to create profile and to purchase services and products. Your profile will be immediately removed if we learn that the registered user does not have 18 years.

  1. Terminology

Associate, is referring to the third parties with whom we collaborate, as companies or physical person which offers are promoted, respectively those legal entities and physical persons are performers of the purchase service via the offers posted on our website.

Data from the smart devices,  are referring to the device that you use in order to access or to use a website, as type of operative system or type of mobile device, type of browser, domain, language that you use in your system, country or time zone of your device, geo location and software of your device.

Non-personal information, are referring to the information that can be identified on their own. Here are included Cookies, Pixel tags and Data form the smart devices.

Social public domains, is referring to, collectively on all our sites and on social networks, forums, discussions and comments about the offers and other methods for communication that are enabled or connected via our site.

Providers of services, are third parties which services we use, and who perform them in our name, as banks for processing of the transactions, service for delivering promotional and other kinds of e-mail messages, marketing agencies and analysts.

  1. Contact for the Policy on Protection of personal information

Pleases contact us if you have any questions concerning our Policy on protection of personal information. You can contact us online on