About Us


When in X, do as the locals do

When in X is an online marketplace where visitors can explore and book outdoor activities, cultural experiences and events hosted by locals.

Unlike traditional travel agencies that directly sell to customers, we are here to connect travelers with local “experts” who become the service providers.

The When in X marketplace will provide travelers with truly unique and authentic local experiences. Our hosts can help visitors discover everything from mountain biking trails, adventure parks, and wildlife photography sites to local cuisine, nightlife and entertainment spots.

Our service is an opportunity for passionate locals to develop the alternative tourism in their community while earning an income. All interested local tour guides are invited to participate and contribute to growing local tourism, sharing their skills and favorite experiences with others, whilst making a little extra money from their interests.

Our mission is to change the way tourism works in Southeast Europe. As Balkan locals ourselves, we believe that these lands have a lot of beautiful sites, hidden natural gems and fascinating cultural experiences that will impress visitors from around the world. We strive to make all these local secrets a little bit more visible and easier to find which in time will increase the interest for tourism in the area. In addition, it will allow many local travel-entrepreneurs to build more successful small businesses which will positively influence the local economy.

When in X is developed by the Macedonian company Webgliders who after a long-term commitment to providing software services to international clients, decided to finally create a product that will become a recognizable brand. Being fellow travel and outdoor enthusiasts, the team came up with a solution for providing a marketplace for touristic service that will make any visitors feel as part of the local community.